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 No Bruise 0,5 litre
No Bruise 0,5 litre
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In the menu in the upper left hand side you can find all nets divided into categories. You can choose to see them sorted by net size or by mesh size:
- SMHN 2+ This is for you who don't want or can choose mesh size. Here you get them booth. One side of the net has 3cm mesh and the other 3½cm mesh. Just decide which side will be facing the wall and which the horse will be eating through.- SMHN Optimal (patent pending) This is the new solution for SlowFeeding in the box. "Hoof proof" and natural eating angles. I'm convinced this will be the future standard for feeding all horses that spend many hours in a box stall.

-SMHN 3+ (patent pending) is the new "magic" net that by turning it in-side-out in different ways will give you 6 different solutions. This will let you decide how long the hay will last.

- SMHN 4+
(patent pending) replaces a doubled net if you only fill hay inte middle compartment and makes 2 portions (1 from each side) eaten through 1 layer of net and 1 portion eaten through 2 layers of net available to the horse.

- SMHN 3cm has the same net sizes as the "SMHN 3½cm" but with a smaller mesh. 3½cm does extend the eating times more but it only works with soft hay, haylage and silage.

- SMHN 3½cm
is the standard mesh size which is allways recommended if there are no very special reasons to why you should choose something else. As long as the horse is healthy and is living a reasonable Life 3½cm mesh size usually works perfect regardless of age, breed, sex and activity level. 

- SMHN 4cm also has the same net sizes but now with larger mesh size. 4cm does not slow the eating down a lot but it stops the waste. 

- Special design contains nets made to order. If you have a feed ring or a feeder that you want a SlowFeeding net to we can produc it. It usually only takes a couple of days. Email the measurement to and I will come back with a price.

- Odd Products
are Product that do not belong in the standard assortent. They might be second grade or of limited supply.

If you are an international retailer you are welcome to  All the measurements are "on the mesh" which means that they might be a couple of cm bigger or smaller than the given measurements. If your horse is new to SlowFeeding you are recommended to keep feeding the way you have done and only add the SMHN as a bonus until the horse has figured out how to work it. Ther is a lot to read and meny pictures to watch at
There are no products to list in this category.
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01.Small/35, 120x90cm (48x36")
02.Small 2+, 120x90cm=48x36"
03.Small 30 mm 120x90cm (48x36")
04.RB220/35, Round bale net high 35 mm
05.Medium/35, 154x105cm (61x42")
06.Large 180x103 (72x42")
07.RB 155/35, Round bale net low
08.Small 3+, 120x90 cm
09.Mini 90x90cm (36"x36")
10.Medium/35, 154x105cm (61x42")
 RB220/35, Round bale net high 35 mm
RB220/35, Round bale net high 35 mm
 RBBig 260/35, Round bale net high
RBBig 260/35, Round bale net high
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